Give Back Drive Frequently Asked Questions for Clubs in Alberta

For clubs in all provinces except Alberta

Electronics recycling programs differ by province and in Alberta, there is a completely separate program. This FAQ is specific to clubs in Alberta wishing to participate in the Show Your 4-H Colours Give Back Drive. Clubs in all other provinces should refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for all Provinces Except Alberta for details.

The Show Your 4-H Colours Give Back Drive challenges the 4-H community to “give back”, both by helping the environment and by supporting 4-H. Clubs are invited to organize electronics recycling collection events and solicit donations from the community in recognition of their efforts to divert old electronics from landfills.

The 4-H Foundation of Alberta and Recycling Alberta currently have a program to raise money through electronics collection. If you would like to host an electronics collection event, you will need to follow the process currently outlined through the Recycling Alberta partnership. Contact the 4-H Foundation of Alberta for more information at 1-877-682-2153 or