Volunteer with 4-H

Volunteering with 4-H is a rewarding opportunity as you support 4-H youth members to grow and reach their full potential. Volunteer leaders provide meaningful, educational experiences for youth to Learn To Do By Doing as they become the young leaders of today.

With a network of over 8,500 volunteer leaders across Canada, our volunteers bring enthusiasm, skills, and energy to provide unique learning experiences to our 23,500 youth members.

Volunteer leaders an integral part of the 4-H program because they:

  • Create a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for 4-H members
  • Provide opportunities for youth to build skills
  • Create opportunities for youth to value and practice service to others
  • Develop a caring relationship with members
  • Allow youth to make decisions and lead

“Our leader is inspirational, fun, a role model and always puts the youth first. These qualities are what make a great 4-H leader and what makes our community a better place.”

- 4-H youth member

Visit a provincial 4-H organization’s website to learn more about volunteer opportunities near you.

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